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A Portrait in Time – The Writer’s Way

Slowly; so very slowly she opens her eyes. In contrast she darts a glance around her. Had anyone noticed the passion that had suddenly and uncontrollably coursed though her body?

Her dress ripped from her shoulders leaves her barely shivering. She is slightly damp between her breasts and her form is glistening. The cooler air makes her nipples stand erect in anticipation of greater excitement to come.

With some, but not much relief, the darted glance tells her she is, still fully clothed.

Yet she may have well been stark naked. This is how vulnerable she is feeling right now. The tall, brooding yet handsome man, whose grasp is firmly around her waist has taken her there in less than four minutes; and reduced her to this wonderfully sated figure.

Why? She has not known this man until tonight.

Her hand moves fractionally down his back. As he frowns, his eyes glowers into hers, deeply disdained. Now is not the time to let go. Now is not the time to be faint.


In this exercise from The Writer’s Way, Sara Maitland asks us to chose a photograph. Write about the character. Write whatever you can think of – what s/he its thinking or what s/he looks like; feel free to make up past lives, psychologies, even conversations.



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