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Tag: The Writer’s Way

A Fickle Femme – The Writer’s Way

She adds after a fractional hesitation.  “You?” “Bloody, John the store man messed up again today; he gave us three windows up at Portland where none of the glass fitted.  […]

OMG you didn’t? – The Writer’s Way

In this exercise from The Writer’s Way, Sara Maitland asks us to record snippets of character insights.  Tiny things count.  For example: Your reaction on meeting a person for the first […]

Ziggy Stardust – The Writer’s Way

Ziggy was the faithful servant of Pasch, an Egyptian Cat goddess and protector of children and all cats of course. Most often, Ziggy could be found curled up beneath the […]

A Portrait in Time – The Writer’s Way

Slowly; so very slowly she opens her eyes. In contrast she darts a glance around her. Had anyone noticed the passion that had suddenly and uncontrollably coursed through her body? […]

Sensory Seduction

Do you know what it is like to have a number of elements coming together at the same time that focus on one particular area of interest for you?  This […]

Honouring Connor – The Writer’s Way

Part One Connor was born prematurely. He had been plucked unceremoniously from a horse chestnut tree one gusty pre autumnal night and now he lay nestled among the tired hand-like […]