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Swing (Weekly Decima Prompt #26)

“Now … it’s time to sort out that swing,

I tell you, you’re lifting your head”

The golf pro, desperately pled.

“Loosen your wrists, that is the thing …

To get that ball launched with a sting.

Maybe, let’s keep your shoulders straight?

And when, at full reach you could wait,

A full second, before you swoop?

Keep those feet apart! Nooo! Don’t droop!

Eyes on the ball, now thwack the bait.”

Photo by Jopwell on

PS – I never did get the hang of it!

Decima inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Decima Challenge – Swing. Click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in.


  1. Me too…I had just begun and managed to break a club! Thank God it was not an expensive one but my friend who had taken the burden of teaching me, lost interest after that. 🤣

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