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Weekly Smile – (TTC #748 & Blogtober #11)

It is day 11 of the Whole30 change of diet.  That means we are beyond a third of the way through the no alcohol, (aka red wine) restrictions.  Only 19 days left to go, and I’m counting.  It is the wine in particular, I miss; fizzy water just does not proffer the same effect. 😇

I thought, not eating bread would be a bit of an issue, as it is so easy just to have a slice of toast for breakfast and a cheese and ham sandwich for lunch.  However, a banana for breakfast is as easy and, of course, so much healthier.  Moreover, a quality egg and avocado salad or a chicken and cucumber, cabbage wrap actually sounds much more interesting, doesn’t it?  😌

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Last night, we had potato and kale hash with baked eggs – I have to say it was delish!  There has been a couple of meals that have been a tad over nutty.  We had piece of pear pie for pudding one night; the pastry was made from coconut flour, it was as dry as a desert – forgive the pun!  😂

It took me the best part of a week to adjust my insulin intake for the change of diet, otherwise, I haven’t noticed yet much difference; but Boyfriend has lost a whole dress size and has swiped 40 points off his blood pressure.  A life lesson for us both is to take better care of what we gobble down every day, once November 1st arrives. Health is our most valuable asset after all. 😊

Post inspired by Trent’s Weekly Smile. Do click through for the rules if you too, would like to join in.

And this post also includes Di’s Monday Three Things Challenge #741 The prompts: SINGLE
FAT, FURTHER. Do click through for the rules if you too, would like to join in.

And linking with The Saxophone Player’s Wife #Blogtober troupe, for encouragement!


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