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60,000 Thoughts – (Six Sentence Story #156)

Sixty thousand thoughts every day,

So many of them, unrequited.

Effervescent energy at play,

Pop in, and out again, excited.


Every once in a while, one will reign

And will need a little thinking through,

Unlike the bubbles in pink champagne

That only last a second, or two.


Not all remaining are quite so great,

Keep those that are … post, rugged rigour.

Following that pros and cons debate,

Discard those that fail, with much vigour.


They have no value, just take up room;

Where, more fertile thoughts could better bloom.

(Marshalline Sonnet)

Photo by Alexander Ant from Pexels

This post is inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Story – PROMPT WORD:  EFFERVESCENT . Click through with the links, if you, too, would like to join in …

Tis also Day 23 of National Poetry Writing Month …


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