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National Writing Day – 24th June (#Just for Fun)

One day a young debutant,

Stands tall and quite elegant,

She enters the hall,

The belle of the ball;

Sweet smile whilst so nonchalant.

                                                           (24-word Limerick)


Photo by Pexels        

crop-0-0-1600-922-0-NWD2020-Logo-Black-300x173Limerick inspired by National Writing Day #247Challenge


  1. Write a 24-word story on a piece of paper (or record on video) starting with ‘One day…’
  2. Take a photo of your story or take a photo of yourself with your writing
  3. Share your original pieces of writing via TwitterInstagram or Facebook, using #247challenge.
  4. Tag three friends!

PS – That was quite tough writing a limerick with exactly 24 words  🤪




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