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Tag: Limerick

Bread! (Monday Limerick #65)

Next door neighbours, Peggy and Fred, Loved all things twixt butter and bread, A large glass of gin Would often begin – A feast with smoked ham and cheese spread! […]

Sort! (Monday Limerick #62)

Chaz is a marine of true sort, With a girl in every port, His harem he loved, But they pushed and shoved – So often his plans they would thwart! […]

Kiss! (Monday Limerick #60)

Chaz is a guy who’s really rock hard; He is big, beefy; and a tad scarred A kiss on the lips Is better than chips And … costs less than […]

Score! (Monday Limerick #59)

Black belt, Joel will often trip Right over his big, bottom lip, He always keeps score and often gets sore – If his foe, he can not outstrip! (Limerick) With […]

I’m Back (Monday Limerick #58)

New Year; “time for a change”, thought Zack From the threat of his own blackjack. He struck that voice imp That sends his flair limp – Getting his genius back […]

Lark (Monday Limerick #27)

Fashionista, Alexander McQueen, Was addicted to cocaine and caffeine, Got up with the lark Retired when t’was dark – And was productive ‘all’ hours in between! (Limerick) With thanks to […]

Ring (Monday Limerick #22)

Sam became a life coach, last Spring,Soothing cark is really his thing,Can’t think of a planWhen s**t hits the fan –Why don’t you just give him a ring? (Limerick) With […]

Blue (Monday Limerick #21)

The cheerleader was feeling blue, What was wrong, she hadn’t a clue, No one was best pleased As she fiercely sneezed – Then, crawled back to bed with the flu! (Limerick) […]

Christmas Shopping (Blogtober #3)

Boyfriend’s downstairs mincing and chopping, Determined we should not be stopping; Sorting menus to dine With no glass of red wine – (Sigh) Guess it’s time to start Christmas Shopping! […]

Cheek! – (Monday Limerick #15)

Gardener George was so proud of his leek, So very proud, he could hardly speak, He entered the contest Got beat by the bestest, And so had to turn his […]

The Boss – (Monday Limerick #51)

Our business chief is called Joss, She makes a pretty good boss, She’s fair with our pay, Oft gives praise away, And hardly ever gets cross! (Limerick) Post inspired by […]

Suits You! – (Monday Limerick #51)

My mate Matt had quite an obsession. When hosting a networking session, He’d wear a pink suit with short-shorts to boot, To much make a good first impression! (Limerick) Post […]

Karaoke – (Monday Limerick#49)

Our dear friend Whale, who lives in Hong Kong, So loves a karaoke sing song, It helps sort out his stress,  When his brain is a mess, And then … […]

Chalk & Cheese – (Monday Limerick#48)

Debbie and her sister Louise, Were as different as chalk and cheese, One shy and retiring, One always aspiring, But both, have the most knobbly knees! (Limerick) Post inspired by […]

Swap Shop – (Monday Limerick#47)

Geraldine woke up in a strop, Suggested she needed a swap, I’m bored in the kitchen … Wife; do stop your bitchin, You mow the lawn; I’ll take mop! (Limerick) […]

Cash Flow – (Monday Limerick#46)

Frank, the financial adviser,Was often seen as a miser,He was never that flash,With his key client’s cash,And they were always the wiser! (Limerick) Post inspired by Esther’s Laughing along with […]

新年快乐 / 新年快樂

Friday is film night in front of the box, The takeaway is less of a flummox With quite a full flagon And “Kiss of the Dragon”, Tonight we welcome the […]

Burns Night – (LAWA Limerick#43)

Rabbie Burns the Scottish bard chose, To write both poetry and prose; To plant his strong views, On life, lust and booze, And ‘Luve’ who’s like a red, red, rose! […]

Haunt – (LAWA Limerick)

My good friend and one of my team, Is naughty or so it would seem, She goes out for a jaunt, To her favourite haunt, But in truth, it’s all […]

World Hat Day – (15th January)

My very good friend who’s called Pat, Is partial to donning a hat, He wears with a smirk, A bowler at work, A cap when in casual tat! Limerick