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10 out of 10! Andrew – Special Occasion Speeches #4

Sausages, Sparkers and Fireworks! With this speech entitled The Secrets of the Seaside Andrew Knowles has completed the competent communicators manual.  That’s ten out of ten! Lady President, Mr Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters and guests; this 10th speech from the Competent Communicators manual is not Andrew’s 10th speech!

There have been at least six contest speeches, numerous table topics, myriad evaluations and of course the all important role speeches.  If you were at our last meeting you might recall what a fabulous speech Andrew made from the one minute introduction of the Time Keepers Role.  It was really creative!

This evening, however, we celebrate with Andrew, his completing the competent communicator manual.  It’s an important milestone:

The Toastmasters education program is a crucial aspect of every club meeting around the world. The program is built on four guiding principles that have been in place since Toastmasters was founded in by Smedley 1924:

Experiential Learning – We learn by giving speeches and fulfilling leadership roles where we practice and improve.

Self-paced Program – we learn best at our own pace and comfort levels – even if that is a year and three quarters between speeches 9 & 10 Andrew!

Peer Feedback – We learn through honest and supportive evaluations

Mentoring – we learn from experienced members who encourage, guide and support us


The Competent Communication manual contains 10 speech projects each focusing on specific areas of speech development, and each building on the skills learnt in previous projects. Andrew has now completed all ten.  This is no mean feat … There have been many who have faltered. 

Andrew , already an experienced speaker joined Casterbridge in 2013 to support his wife, Rachel Knowles, who wanted to build her confidence in public speaking.  He has by his own admission found the evaluating, disseminating and encouraging others the most rewarding part of the programme.

Well done; Mr Knowles your brilliant mind, your writing skills and sardonic wit has brightened our experience and your considered feedback has made us better speakers and leaders.  You are a truly protean artist. 

Andrew, would you now be upstanding as well as an outstanding ten out of ten; join our Club President, Beverley Hepting to collect your competent communicators certificate and pin.  Fellow Toastmasters, Andrew Knowles, Competent Communicator …

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