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Grow and Be Strong Pt 2 – Speeches by Management #3

Hey Hallmark Speakers – how are you doing?

Me? I’m not doing too bad … now … after a few false starts and some key learning.  In fact the learning from this High Performance Leadership project has already helped me enormously with a new business role I have taken on.  Mr President, Fellow Toastmasters and guests that’s another story for another time ….

Grow and Be Strong is the revised title of my High Performance Leadership project – the first had the riveting title of “Going Public in Dorset with TTMs” …. I fell at the first hurdle with that one – didn’t I? 

I still believe that the mission had underpinning values that we all believe in. That working together to celebrate success and support one another, promotes the Toastmaster brand to others. I believe that you do too.

Having said that I fell at the first hurdle, implies that there were more than one!  Your club president, Jeremy Bradshaw took some time out for a coffee with me to discuss another hurdle around timing.  

In July, I had just completed my term as Area Director and thought yippee! I now have the time to get this project going. It’ll be a great resource for the new Vice Presidents Membership and Public Relations.  What I didn’t think through was that my brilliant project wasn’t going to be a high priority for the new committee members! Doh!  How daft can you get!  

Sucking in my bottom lip, it took a while for the next ah ha moment to sink in … Leadership isn’t always about delegating.  Sure it helps if you have willing volunteers but coerced ones just don’t work.  Sometimes leadership is about leading from the front, leading by example, grit, determination and persistence. 

So I have been watching out for things to celebrate and have been celebrating from afar.  I have been watching for learning to share with others and I’ve been sharing it from afar.  

Do you know what I have seen?  Hallmark has emerged a butterfly from its chrysalis.  Let me give you an example.  I went to Eastleigh to support our two area contestants; Bev Hepting from Casterbridge and your very own Janine Thomas.  I spotted Alistair first – how lovely I thought that he’d come to support.  Then I spotted Mona and Stella.  Then Peter, Alison and finally Janine herself. Oh my word. This is truly what working together to support one another really looks like!  I felt so proud that I knew you all.

And there is more!  Over the last four or five months I have been watching Toni’s YouTube videos that he posts.  Some of you might have spotted the ones I have shared on the Dorset Toastmasters Facebook Page.  I posted both parts of the brilliant Speakathon that you held last month – it has reached 176 people – it is most clicked post by far! Our Divisional Director has even made a comment on it!

These are two really BIG things that Hallmark has demonstrated but there are many small things and I do still believe that TINY THINGS MATTER.  So every time Peter Crowe sends me an update from his South African friends – I share the best bits.  When Alistair visits Ferndown I share it.  When Mona updates the events on Facebook I share them. When Clive shares his magic I like it.  TINY THINGS MATTER!


There maybe some other great things that you’ve done which I just don’t know about!

In the coming months – I believe you have a Christmas do,  the club has people well on the way to completing selected awards, please share each and every one with me.  When you hit Distinguished Club Status – I beg you  to please share it – lots of photos with party poppers and high fives please. I never got a photo when I did that educational slot with you in April.  Should’ve don’t you think?

I have agreed to sponsor a new club in Area 42 – it’s in Salisbury!  They need your support even if this is from afar.  So does Ferndown and Casterbridge where finding new members is not quite so easy as it is for Hallmark. 

Finally, during the months of February and March 2017 we enter a period called Talk Up Toastmasters – this is my timeline for completing the Grow & Be Strong project.  My sincere hope is the Grow and Be Strong legacy will continue long thereafter. In the meantime … would you, Hallmark Toastmasters carry on learning, sharing and celebrating … just let me know … how you are doing!

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