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Entelechies! A Toastmaster’s Area Director’s Diary

Interesting how the half way point creeps up whilst you were snoozing over Christmas and slap bam wallop two clubs in the area have achieved Distinguished Club Status with a strong possibility that the other two will do so shortly.  Now that Ferndown has its five new members – it is rocking and rolling!

So let’s start with the figures: They give you focus

Casterbridge | Chaseside | Ferndown | Hallmark

Looking forward – Casterbridge is likely to achieve Select Distinguished and may at a stretch get Presidents Distinguished.  Watch this space!  It will be no mean feat.

Chaseside currently has 38 members 11 new people this year.  And Hallmark has 44 members once again!  Is there something in the water in Bournemouth?  I realise that renewals at the end of this month may bring those numbers down again, however, we do need to consider how we manage the expectations of new and existing members to ensure each is able to meet his or her goals. I have some ideas to explore with you over the next few months. 

And last but by no means least is Ferndown who I know, have advanced speakers and leaders waiting to put their awards in.  Go for it Ferndown! So proud for you.


It has been an interesting seven months.  With five left to go there is still much to do.  I have done half of the official visits.  These will be completed by the middle of March.  The official reports will go in in May when I see how your success plans are performing.

The area contest is on Sunday 20th March – which will be at Ferndown Village Hall. The Divisional Contest is on Sunday 24th April in Aylesbury and the District Contest is on the 6th & 7th of May in London.  If you have never been; the District Contests are eye opening!

Succession Planning and Leadership

I am looking for the area leadership team to take up roles at the beginning of June.  I will continue my involvement as immediate past area director to support the new area director as much as he or she wants. I plan to complete my High Performance Leadership project which should fit in nicely.  Linda Parkinson-Hardman has been the assistant area director this year and is putting herself forward as area director 2016/17.  If either are roles to which you aspire then please, please let me know.  If there are other pretenders, the election will take place in April. 

Whilst most people do not join Toastmasters to enhance their leadership skills, none of us can rest on our laurels and continual professional development is our entelechy key. It is worth noting that, according to a recent survey by The Guardian 43% of people leave their jobs due to their poor managers!  It is easy to slip in to bad habits if you don’t keep honing.

Getting good at presenting is only half the job. Getting good at public speaking involves so much more.


PS Entelechy was the Grammarian’s word of the evening at Casterbridge Speakers.  Not an easy one but I did promise I would use it in my next blog post!  This blog is with thanks to you Christine!

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