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Step Out Tuesday – An Area Directors Toastmasters Diary

I mentioned Blue Monday in a blog post yesterday, it affects many of us in business when all the good intentions of our new year resolutions have dissolved.  My antidote is Step Out Tuesday.  I was once given some good advice by a lovely friend of mine who said it is good to wallow for a while.  Here are some tips on wallowing from Psychology Today if you are in that place right now.  This post, however, is about Step Out Tuesday.

One of the things we can do to shift the malaise is to break down the resolution into bite size mini goals.  We select a resolution because we are not happy with the current status quo.  Then the vision becomes clouded by the enormity in getting there.  This is why identifying the first step is important. Achieving one step gives you a quick win, a tick in the box, a high five!  More importantly, it sets the momentum in the right direction.   

Tiny things matter!

We are now in the second term of our Toastmaster year.  What tiny thing have you planned for your club’s success and your own plans?  If you haven’t started then try a small step at the next meeting.  If you don’t know what you can do to help ask your club president.  Club presidents will be considering how to get their Talk Up Toastmasters ribbon.  That’s five new members signed up during February and March. 

There’s loads of tiny things you can do to help this happen without having to commit a pound of flesh.


  • First Impressions – What might you do to create the right impression for new members and new members too?
  • Membership Orientation – Cast your mind back to when you first started. Knowing what you know now, would you induct a new member into the club?
  • Fellowship, Variety and Communication – How will you add to the ambience of the meetings?  Prepare a different table topics perhaps?
  • Programme Planning and Meeting Organisation – How might you get to know other members? Would you plan and organise a meeting as Toastmaster of the evening?
  • Membership Strength – What might you do to help keep fellow members enthused and engaged?
  • Achievement Recognition – What will you do to recognise club and member achievements? 

And for Talk Up Toastmasters all you need to do is share how great your club is.  If you have any great ideas would you share them here?

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