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Pah to the Pancreas – Storytelling #3

In 1980, (I know some you weren’t born then); Laura McHarrie was diagnosed with diabetes.  She had just turned 18.  Had she been born 100 years earlier she would have been dead before she was 21.  And not a pleasant death at that.  With a fable inspired by the diagnosis entitled Pah to the Pancreas; please would you welcome Laura McHarrie

The quarrel started when the Urethra complained.  I am seriously overworked.  I am on and off the loo like a jack in the box.  What’s going on Bladder old boy?

You’re not kidding, I’m bloated all the time.  As soon as you pee, I fill right up again. 

Sorry said the throat – that’s my fault.  It’s just that I am so thirsty all the time”. 

“You can’t be that thirsty.  I’ve just process three pints of squash and a pint of milk.”

“Well I am! sulked Throat.  “It’s not my fault”

When it started other members of the body added their two penneth.

Blood said she was sluggish, Heart found beating took up a bit more energy than he was used to.  Eyes complained they were sore and everything seemed a tad blurred. Skin was dry, itchy and complained that cuts and bruises wouldn’t heal. Feet mentioned his pins and needles.  Hair said – “just look at the state of me?  I look like I have gone through a hedge backwards at 30 miles an hour!!”

Brain who would rather have been asleep than listening to the bicker decided enough was enough and asked Google if there was a link.  Sure enough when brain explained what she had found out, all eyes stared at Pancreas. 

“It’s your fault we feel so ill!”  Everyone of them shouted

Sadly Pancreas was in no position to defend himself.  Whilst he looked perfectly normal he was paralysed and had been for a little while.  He could excrete no longer the insulin that was needed to process the sugars that the stomach consumed.  The sugars got stuck in the blood, and the muscles could not access the glucose for energy.  So Cells broke down fats which created poisonous Keytones and hurt the members even more.

Now what? said the Members when Pancreas didn’t respond. 

Tired as he was Brain explained.  With thanks to the brilliance of Batting and Best the diabetic research pioneers, insulin can be injected and the remaining body members will continue to … live happily ever after!

And the moral of the story.  One member not pulling their weight can have a serious impact on how the other members feel and perform.  But before you portion blame just check that they have all the resources to do their job.  If they don’t you may need to look elsewhere for the answer – on Google  perhaps!

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