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New Beginnings

I read an article on keeping new year’s resolutions (as you do at this time of year) and was immediately taken with one of the suggestions.  It was to share your resolution with someone who wants to achieve the same results as you; but for themselves.  Then work together throughout the year to achieve your individual goals.

Not only does this have the benefit of identifying goals and writing them down but having someone who will question how realistic a goal is – is also a bonus.  Most resolutions choke because they are just too big a bite to swallow.  Having a written goal and committing to someone to achieve it – are two additional bonuses from having a business buddy.

The daily, weekly or monthly catch ups will help to keep you on track, to recover from the inevitable set backs and to celebrate each successful milestone.

Then I wondered what the best way would be for people in the business community to let others know what their aim was for 2013 and thereby find out whose goals match up.


So if you like the idea of having a Business Buddy in 2013 then why not post your goal as a comment below?  At the very least you will have committed in writing to that aim, at best you may find a business buddy with the same aims with whom you can test, challenge and share your suggestions and resources.  After which who knows where that might lead?

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