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Appraising your business strengths and weaknesses

Free Business Appraisal

There are seven key elements to business growth that you need to get right for your business.  No two businesses are alike so there are many answers to each question. 


Here is your starting point:

1. Who is your ideal customer?

2. Why do they buy from you?

3. When will you know what success looks like?

4. Where will your revenue streams come from?

5. What is your market position?

6. How do you maximise your strengths?

7. Who do you have working with you?


Identifying the route to success is easier said than done.  Which is why there are myriad business models and tools that gurus have created to help you carve out a growth strategy. No business model is a quick fix for a problem but each will help you break down your problem into bite sized chunks making it easier to identify the route forwards from your current position.

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Request your FREE Business Appraisal Template here:

Once you have completed the business appraisal template you can also request a FREE Skype Session to explore how you determine your next steps.


This is what Howard Earl – Managing Director  of V4 Aerospace Engineering & Quality Management said …

“Laura’s drive and enthusiasm is an example to every business owner. Her depth of knowledge and her outstanding ability to communicate it both supportively and exactly to the point makes her the best business advisor I have ever encountered, by a considerable margin and I strongly recommend her.”


Get your FREE Business Appraisal Template here:


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