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Tag: Bowie

Teenage Wildlife (Song Lyric Sunday)

Teenage Wildlife was track on the Scary Monster album. This was the first Bowie album I bought on release. I’m not sure that I ‘got’ how good this track was […]

TVC 15 (Song Lyric Sunday)

“TVC 15” is a song by English musician David Bowie, released on his 1976 album Station to Station. RCA Records later released it as the second single from the album on 30 April 1976. The upbeat […]

Mad & Sane (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

Oft life’s quite berserk, Are you mad, you crazy kid – Or … a Aladdin Sane? (Haiku) Photo by BROTE studio from Pexels Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt. Click through for […]

Swinging the Lead

An idiom that has some merits perhaps? It describes somebody who avoids work by giving the appearance of toiling but not actually doing anything significant. Its origins are in naval […]