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Why I Want to Write – The Writer’s Way

Part of the reason why I have not committed to writing in the past is that I was not sure that I have anything special to say, or anything that is new, or even that interesting. So I joined up with some Blog buddies and have been Blogging for about seven months. The idea was that if I just get started I might develop my creative writing style and more importantly my imagination.

Now I want to learn the art of writing creatively some more; so having picked up Sara’s book, here I am sharing my learning with you. I suspect the reasons why I want to write will be much like many others. Let’s see.

I had an inspiring English teacher in the fourth grade, Paul Grosch, who seemed to think I had something a little different to add to the class. I certainly wasn’t ‘excellent’ at English language or literature, scraping by with a C-grade O’level. However, neither was I a box-standard student; and Paul seemed to think I could do something with language and often challenged me in ways that, I had no idea at the time, would be so forming.

I wrote a few poems and short stories that I sent off to magazines in my late teens which were never published; and soon boys became much more interesting. Then there was my career in the retail trade. I continued to read a lot, mostly fiction, in my early 20s. I had, then, a particular fascination for fantasy fiction. One of my most favourite stories is the Thomas Covenant double trilogy by Stephen Donaldson. I am always so amazed at the sheer imagination that writers of such novels have.

An early colleague, Alan Taylor, was writing a story much along the lines of Peak’s Gormanghast Trilogy. As he completed each chapter he relayed the progress of his character which I avidly followed. He and I played Dungeon and Dragons for a year with several other enthusiasts; down the pub on a Thursday night.

As the years went on I found my continuing progress up the corporate ladder, lead me to write more, and more commercially. I developed a skill for writing newsletters, minutes and training notes that were actually read. My reading material for quite a long time was almost exclusively on management development. Some of my favourites include Carnegie’s, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Lightening of Empowerment by Byham and Cox, and Lockyer’s Be the Most Effective Manager in your Business.

For a brief time during the mid 1990s I had an urge to write my own fantasy novel. I wrote an outline and jotted notes of fascinating things that I noticed around me; like the tree in the south of France that smoked a pipe in the early hours of morning. I watched wondrously, for what seemed like hours, the wispy puffs from a broken branch of that Rowan. The notes still remain tucked away in the recesses of my imagination.

At the beginning of the new century, I did a teaching qualification which resulted in my teaching at the College for a short time; reading and writing then took a significant role in my work. Also my interest was piqued in grammatical and communicative language.

Nowadays, I write summaries of business development topics on a regular basis. I would like to think that some of these will form the basis of a non-fiction publication at some point in future. I would like to develop a style that becomes my material and resonances with my reader. At the moment I feel that my style is pretty eclectic; maybe that will become my unique style but then, maybe not. I still read quite a lot; and because of my work, it does tend to evolve around business development. Due to the emergence of 2.0 there is such a wealth of material available to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and stimulation – too much for the time I can devote to it, sadly.

Of course, at some point I would like my work to be published. I like the idea of others enjoying what I have to say and the possibility of having made a mark in history, however small that might be. If I am honest that that is the main reason for writing and if I can earn a little money at the same time then better still. So here goes …


In this the first exercise from The Writer’s Way, Sara Maitland asks us to to complete is a narrative that explores the reasons why we want to write.


  1. Laura
    What a GREAT opening article!!
    I think your observation on your English teacher is spot on. Do you remember the televison and cinema ads that used to run and spoke of “everyone has an influential teacher they remember”…and then went on to a tag line which encouraged the viewer to consider being a teacher??


  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Richard. Interesting observation about the teacher advert.

    I have had a personal email from a friend of mine who has read this Blog and knew this teacher too. His experience is similar to mine. Actually I seem to remember us both going round to Paul and his finance, Miss Adams’, place to jam for a while.

    I am sure that wouldn’t be allowed nowadays. Hey ho!

    Anyway as this is a learning journal, I must add in some additional comments that have given me food for thought.

    Let rip! There is a lot more in your imagination if you can get to it.
    Describe things and feelings a lot more.
    When you think you are not imaginative then act as if…
    Check out The Artists Way for ways to develop your creative art.
    Choose an interesting subject to write about.
    I really like your writing, it flows well and keeps you interested..not that that I’m an expert, as the only book ive ever read (outside of school) is “Stig of the Dump” .. Seriously !!

    Ok so what can I learn from this? That perhaps I should have waited before publishing Purple Musings?? Not my style. I would like to think I have moved a bit further along my quest with Purple Musings. It will be interesting to see what my critics determine. Especially as I hadn’t had their feedback at the point of writing that Blog.

    It will be hard for me to ‘let rip’. Being in control is what makes me me. I am particularly uncomfortable when I lose control. So whilst I have taken on board the comments; I will need to find a structured way to do this systematically!! ;0)

    I love the idea of being more descriptive and this is something tangible that I think I can work with immediately to improve my style. So let’s see what happens in future Blogs.

    If you would like to join in the discussion or debate. Please do, this is in the public domain for that very reason.


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