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Tag: Rispetto

Lost – (Six Sentence Story #187)

When we make a mistake, all is not quite lost. Dance around on the wild side. Why ever not? Worry less of the opportunity cost, Take the big risk and […]

Mentors – (SSS & Rispetto Challenge)

Do not take notice of what’s making the rounds. If you really want to go the whole distance, Listen to how your heart sings, and how that sounds. Then, there’s […]

Cut – (Rispetto Challenge #39)

You feel so down when you get to the big ‘But’ … After the rigmarole, you’ve had to address. Difficult to know why you didn’t made the cut, When you […]

Worry Not – Ch#55 (Just one thing)

Life is too short to worry about failing, Controlling emotions, may well hold you back, Leading a ‘normal’ life oft leaves you wailing. You want to be different? Can’t see […]

Intent – Ch#35 (Just one thing)

Whatever you do, do it with firm intent, Not with abuse, nor rants, nor indignant shouts; A whisper can reach more, with your argument, The wrongful detention – no trial; […]