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Six Months (Weekly Decima Challenge #24 – Look)

Honeysuckle climbs walls upon,

A cottage a mile north of Corfe.

From there, Castle ruins seem dwarf,

Swathed in soft mist at break o’ dawn.

House Martins dance above the lawn,

Sounds like the perfect picture book.

Sat in the fireside inglenook,

Recall the wind, rain and frost bite?

Teeny windows emit no light?

Nothing’s as bliss as it might look!


Photo by Mat Reding from Pexels

Post inspired by Ronovan and his Décima Poetry Prompt No. 24 (LOOK) – visit the link for the rules if you too would like to join in.


  1. I am indeed! I lived in Kinston above Corfe Castle for 6 months when I relocated from Worthing to Weymouth. Lovely place in Spring, Summer and Autumn, but desolate in Winter!

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