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On Leadership – Ch#25 (Just one thing)

Do the right thing, when no one is looking,

 … and if in doubt, do it over a brew,

Step right in, if you see trouble cooking,

… and if in doubt, do it over a brew,

If standards are lax, insist on jooking,

… and if in doubt, do it over a brew,

‘Train in’ values, instead of unhooking,

… and if in doubt, do it over a brew.



Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

Chapter 25 – Summary from the Wisdom of Colonel Lucy Giles

The Post has been inspired by If I Could Tell You Just One Thing by Richard Reed.


Over the 62 days, in Dec and Jan, my challenge is to share the learning from each of the 62 chapters; hopefully in a poem, but who knows?  Follow my progress with the #JustOneThing Tag

Happy to explore what you make of the post in the comments below? 🙂


  1. “Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.” I love that definition of integrity from CS Lewis. Then people began to treat it as “Integrity is doing the right thing whenever somebody is watching.” Now… it’s “Just tell the world you have integrity, even when you’ve flagrantly proven, in public, that you haven’t any.” I see that I’ve got my “snarky” on this morning, LOL. Marvelous post. Hugs.

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  2. Ah yes, you are not wrong! It would appear that spin is a prerequisite in today’s politics! Snarks and Rants galore today – is it raining where you are too??? 🤣

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  3. The rain is good for the garden for sure! In England, we tend to get more than our fair share of the wet stuff (not as much as Ireland before the Irish complain) So … we do love the sun and by default the vitamin D!

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