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So Grateful for Friends

It is almost forty years since I left college, and twenty years since the school reunion where me and my four bestest school friends all met up in the same room for the first time in those intervening years.  After we left college, we pretty much went in very different directions.  As a result, we live in five diverse locations throughout the UK; Fife, Ipswich, Hereford, Weymouth, and the Isle of Wight.  None of us lives close to Woking, where we all grew up.

Ever since the reunion, we have met every year, to catch up on the gossip; what the kids have been up to, and in some cases, grandkids.  Then there are the pets, the houses, the jobs, the husbands, the diets, and the health issues including menopause.

We don’t look much different from when we were at school.  That’s if we ignore the wrinkles and grey hairs of course.  Becky has always been obsessed with her hair and Karen has absolutely not!

This year, we were due to meet at Nikki’s newly built house this weekend.   Sadly, due to the current lockdown that wasn’t to be.   So we did the next best thing and talked over the top of one another (as we usually do) whilst in a Zoom meeting.

We missed the cocktails and afternoon tea that usually feature on the annual trips to London and I think one or two missed the shopping!  Me, I missed the hugs.  Whilst I think virtual meetings are great, you just don’t ‘feel’ the presence of the people that you are speaking with.  Do you know what I mean by that?  When you are in someone’s company you can feel the sound of their voice through the air even if, like Kathy, they are not nattering as much as the others.

The hugs are important too.

There are many, many things I am grateful for in my life.  These are four of them, moreover, the opportunity to talk trivia with them every year is an absolute pleasure.

This is us, last year at Alum Chine on the Isle of Wight


And this is us, this year on Zoom.


Definitely not the same!!

Not that I am wishing my life away but … roll-on next year! X


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