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Peace and the invisible friend!

My dear old Dad has just gone back into hospital with ongoing respiratory problems, he is 99, and his kidneys no longer function very well which means the doctors are struggling to find an antibiotic that will clear the infection.  He doesn’t have the virus. 

Based on the number of times he has been at death’s door, I wouldn’t be surprised if he fights this one off for another decade!  The problem this time though, is that we can’t visit.  He is not IT savvy and can’t use his right hand due to the conjecture of his fingers (even if he was).  He is completely deaf in one ear due to a grenade blast in WWII and very hard of hearing in the other due to old age.  (He’d snort at that!) Therefore phoning is not an option.

I’ve been somewhat at a loss as to how to let him know we are thinking about him, so I have been writing (nay – typing) letters to him in large font and sending them by post.  It’s been a tad difficult finding interesting things to talk about other than the garden and the house renovating that we have been up to during lockdown.  However, I have added some photos – as they speak a 1000 words – don’t they?  I have also added some of my April blog posts that I thought might get him thinking about something other than what is in the newspapers.  There is not much choice in the media is there?

My sister and I have chatted several times about being unable to visit and comfort him.  As I was finishing today’s letter I added the following sentence …

“We all hope you are comfortable and keeping your pecker up. It is disappointing we can’t visit and hold your hand but if you can ‘pretend’ that we are there, you won’t be too far from the truth. We love you.”

It got me thinking about the invisible or imaginary friends that we had as kids. They might have been teddy bears or dolls perhaps.  It occurred to me how comforting they can be.  We have these friends throughout our lives, sometimes they are blessed sometimes we want to hit them over the head with a bat, usually for good reason.  We may not visualise them but they are those voices that either encourage and validate us or berate us for something that didn’t go quite so well.  

It made me think about ‘God’.  So much an invisible and imaginary friend.  Please bear with me – all religious folk.  I am not denigrating any image, rather I am validating all of them.  I absolutely get why people turn to their imaginary friend for comfort, whether that is a Buddist, Pagan, Greek, Roman, Jew, Christian, Islamic, Scientology, or even Tulpa.  Peace is important!  And … however, peace works for you,  I wish my Dad his peace! 



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