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The Influencers

I have joined a group of people on WhatsApp who are going through Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance Challenge.  Today is Day 1.

Today’s thoughts

List at least 50 people that have influenced your life …

  1. Patricia Richardson for her pragmatism
  2. Sidney Richardson for his honesty
  3. Debbie McNab for her unconditional love
  4. Elizabeth Slim for her style
  5. Harry Oram for how to look after money
  6. Mary Oram, for her, make, do and mend skills
  7. Kathy Wakefield for her laugh
  8. Nikki Hall for her joie de vivre
  9. Karen Bryce for her warmth
  10. Becky Mitson for her welcome
  11. Paul Grosch for helping me find my voice
  12. Pat Shepherd for her live and let live
  13. Sue Hill for introducing me to David Bowie’s music
  14. David Bowie for his creativity
  15.  Mrs Brown for giving me my first push
  16. Alan Taylor for the love of Gormenghast
  17. Ray Dukes for sharing his commercial retailing
  18. Richard Scotchburn-Snell for his homemaking
  19. Sue Moore for her intensity
  20. Liz Lawrence for her balance
  21. Debbie Redding for her imagination
  22. Dickie Nichols for his humour
  23. Caroline Nichols for her stoicism
  24. Iain McHarrie for the love of Scotland
  25. Cathie McHarrie for the love of Beef Olives
  26. Dr Machlin for telling what I need to hear
  27. Mike Bending for sharing his birthday with me
  28. Harvey Taylor for his amazing art and big heart
  29. Anthony Felstead for his belief in me
  30. KarenLee Barratt for being there
  31. Paul Booker for his optimism
  32. David Carey for his unwavering support
  33. Vanda North for sharing her joy
  34. Simon Phillips for introducing me to TedTalks
  35. Chris Anderson for creating TedTalks
  36. Richard Mack for encouraging me to let things go
  37. Martin Orridge for his thanks
  38. Stevie Graham for his ‘patience’
  39. Lindy Parkinson-Hardman for her care
  40. Alison Moore for her Goddess within
  41. Melanie Ward for the Chakras
  42. Caroline Brewer for her leadership
  43. Rosie Barfoot for her creative challenges
  44. Dave Evans for dancing with the whole of me
  45. Charlie Evans for calling me his step mum
  46. Stephanie Pettitt for being so open
  47. Adam King for his GungHo attitude
  48. Mike Barnett for his kind considerations
  49. Debbie Cohen for her determination
  50. Julian Treasure for Sound Business
  51. Ann for looking out for my mother
  1. pexels-photo-207983

Today’s Phrase

Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me

Today’s Mantra – Soham

Soham meditation is also known as Hamsa, Hansa, and So Hum. Soham is a Sanskrit word, which means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality. In terms of meditation, it can be broken down into two parts-Sooo, which is the sound of inhalation, and Hum, which is the sound of exhalation.

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