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Rymbury (Discover Prompts #26 – HIDDEN)

At the bottom end of Seven Acres, lies 12 strange dwellings at the buried rim.

The reason we decided to buy no 12, was that there is an alleyway beneath the upper level of no 6, at the bottom of which is a pub!  Plus, there are two other pubs within easy walking distance.  That is of course, in case one of the landlords put their prices up, or they change their beer range, or ban us for being … just too embarrassing!

The architect of this small development won awards in the 1970s for its Mediterranean style and innovative use of space. No 4 is the Hidden House, it has a front door and a garage, but the rest of the house cannot be seen from the roadside.  No 1 wasn’t built until 10 years after I had moved into no 12 in 1998.  No 1 has No 2 as a next-door neighbour, but also No 10.  Weird as you like! Don’t you think?

No 5 is directly opposite mine.  The delivery drivers can find 1-6 and 10 -12 after some scratching of their heads, but more often than not they need further direction to no’s 7-9 which are situated down the steep alleyway where, at the bottom, The Bridge Inn resides.

Are you somewhat confused?  Yep, so is everyone else; unless of course, you live here.  We are such a small community, so, we do know one another quite well. We take in other’s parcels and share confidences; even more so since lockdown.  We have put surprise Easter eggs outside doors, collected prescriptions, picked up shopping, and of course, redirected the home deliveries for no’s 7-9.


When it came to my choosing a name for my business endeavors, The Hidden Edge sprang to mind.  The buried rim of Seven Acres inspired the name and it kind of worked for me.  I am the support for the business people I help.  Whatever decisions they make are theirs, whatever success they achieve is theirs, my counsel remains … The Hidden Edge.

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