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In awe (Discover Prompts #14 – BOOK)

I love books, I mean I really love books.  I quite like reading them, but get more pleasure in; what it is I discover, the turning down of the leaf corner, highlighting or scribbling in the margin. I can’t do that with my Kindle. I have a full library of business books, from pop writers like Simon Sinek to obscure writers like Ford Harding, to all the books written by my good friends, Vanda North, Simon Phillips, Linda Parkinson-Hardman, Carol Bentley and Caroline Goyder.  They all have creased spines, spoiled pages, and coffee-cupped covers. 


I quite like Kindle because I can take more books with me when I head off on my hols.  But I can only read fiction on that gadget.  It’s not terribly tactile, is it?  Although to be fair, it is great for listening to my favourite Podcasts and audiobooks if I can stay awake that long.

I have always said I would like to write a book.  Indeed it was the very reason that I started blogging in the first place back in 2007.  I have found that I am not a quick author, my imagination is slow in poking its head out from underneath its covers.  If I am honest, that disappoints me.  I read some of these Discover-Prompt posts and I am in awe.  I gave up my ambition several years ago as it really wasn’t worth beating myself up over the procrastination.  Sometimes we just have to work to our strengths, don’t we?

I am enjoying the challenge of coming up with a story that hits the Discover-Prompt mark.  It is helping me frame some stories that I might find useful if I get called up to deliver a specific table topic subject at my Toastmaster meetings.

Impromptu speaking has always been my biggest fear; other than writing a book, I guess.  I’m sure that comes back to the issue of being a bit slow on the imaginative uptake.  Heyho!  You can’t have it all. Can you?

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