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Sharing (Discover Prompts #13 – TEACH)

I looked up the synonym for teach and found the following list:

  • Advise
  • Coach
  • Demonstrate
  • Develop
  • Direct
  • Explain
  • Instruct 
  • Lecture
  • Prepare
  • Show
  • Train
  • Tutor

For me, teaching is all of these but most of all it’s sharing what you know.  I love helping – don’t you?  

There is a lot more to teaching than just sharing, mind. Recognising Kolb’s learning cycle, identifying the Honey & Mumford’s learning preferences and delivering the subject in different ways to cater for all learners is a massive task.  I love the challenge and admire all teachers who work creatively to engage their classes on top of ticking the boxes, marking homework, as well as evaluating, assessing and testing.  It’s an exhausting job.

I did my teaching qualification after my first career floundered at the beginning of the new Millenium.  A story for another blog, (The Perfect Storm).  This change of career, that is as a school teacher lasted just over three years.  For me, it was hard to share what you know, what you have experienced and what you understand with teenagers who are not really that interested.  That’s not to say that all students were uninterested but the 80/20 rule springs to mind!

I went back to working full time in a business advisory role in 2004. I hadn’t intended to but the opportunity to apply my teaching experience whilst delivering Investors in People workshops, Business Growth Masterclasses and Peer Group Learning Networks was simply too good to pass up.  The interest factor from the delegates was significantly higher and I loved applying the learning and lesson plan structure to the material that I was delivering.

I have, however, continued to support the youth, delivering employability skills workshops and I offer volunteer support for local schools.  One such schools initiated a telephone skills session where volunteers phoned in to give students the opportunity to practice listening, responding to and coordinating an action as the result of a telephone conversation.  Seriously!  It is 40 years since I left college.  Wish I’d had that kind of help.  I was so nervous picking up the phone and that was way before email!!!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

So what have I been up to in the last few weeks when I have been twiddling my thumbs?  Well, apart from the gardening, the carpet cleaning and preparing to be Chief Judge in a Toastmasters (online) contest, I have been working on my next Udemy online teaching course.  I completed my first one quite some time ago and following the feedback I have created a sound proofing screen and sorted out some better lighting. I am now at the point of having no other excuses to procrastinate over.  

Maybe I’ll launch it next Monday. If Discover-Prompts can avoid using change for at least a week, I might just have got it done!! I can launch and celebrate that I’ve done it with you. (No pressure then eeek!)

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