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Rosemary, Thyme & Basil (Discover Prompts #15 – SCENT)

It is a joy, now that Spring has brought with it some well-needed sunshine to get out into the garden.

The bottom end of the garden where the quality of the soils is so poor, we walk past the woody plants like the row of perfumed lavender,  the rosemary bush, and sweet fennel; wonderful aromas. arise when we sweep our hands along their foliage.  Tempting as it is to close our eyes and soak in the scents, we need to be careful to open our ears.  Right now the bees have woken up to busy themselves with the immensely important task of impregnation.

Just past the olive tree lies the earthy scent of sage and the bitter-tasting but copacetic smelling curry plant.  A few more steps take us under a sheltered arch that is covered with sweet honeysuckle, the hovering scent wafts around the bench particularly as the sun goes down at dusk.

It is tempting to stop there for a while.

Moving on up to the kitchen garden where the newly positioned greenhouse sits.  There are six or seven vegetable troughs, where the fayre won’t be ready until later in the season.  I almost can’t wait for the tomatoes, now I think about it, with their pungent oil, essential for repelling pests.  Oh for the heat of the summer sun, seated on the patio with the tumbling tomatoes and cascading beans in wall baskets.  Plus the subtle hint from potted lemon glass, and garlic chives to ward off flies and mosquitoes during evening repast.

Happy sigh!

In the meantime, let us enjoy the myriad thymes that sit daintily by the back door amidst the salad leaves, all close enough to grab and add variety to the meal that is being prepared.  Moreover, inside the kitchen sits my most favorite scent of all things green.  Tis that of the supermarket sweet basil that sits in a cup and saucer on my kitchen window sill, year in and year out.

basil-in-the-cup-5818.jpgPhoto by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

For a completely different take, you could go for The Pong of a Cow Pat written in 2008

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