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Sowing Seeds for Impromptu Speaking

The level three Pathways ‘Active Listening’ project asks the Table Topics Master to really ‘listen’ to the table topic responses.  Then to make an appropriate comment on the talk as the member returns to their seat.

For those that have never been to a Toastmaster’s meeting, the purpose of the Table Topics section is to help members think on their feet and speak on a given subject for between one and two minutes. It also allows an opportunity for those who have not yet had a speaking role on the agenda.

These were my topics, I think the answers were inspired – not entirely sure my responses were … quite as good – a bit more practice me thinks!!!

Prop – CD Sowing the Seeds of Love 

Can you believe that this classic album is 30 years old this very year?  The title track was written in 1987 and is a critique of the political environment at the time. “Politician granny with your high ideals. Have you no idea how the majority feels?”  Oh how times change … NOT. Do you think any of our politicians are really listening to each other?

Prop – Pack of Wild Flower seeds 

Dave and I were out in the garden this weekend planning out a new vegetable patch.  We even bought a cold frame so that Dave could get some tomato, beans and artichoke seeds started.  We are talking to them daily to encourage their growth.  It’s a bit like mentoring – tell us about who has encouraged you and how

Prop – Chili 

Today is International Hot and Spicy Foods day … Did you know: A chile pepper’s spicy heat comes from the pith and ribs of the pepper, not the seeds.  What if anything has blown your head off?

Prop – Van Gogh Sunflowers 

Sunflower seeds are a gift from the beautiful sunflower.  The seed studded heart of the sunflower has a really high oil content full of vitamins that are particularly good for your heart, colon, Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, constipation, skin health and … hair frizz.  I love sunflower seeds to eat but how big a fan are you of superfoods?

Prop – a Plastic Cheque 

Every month I host a webinar session on growth strategies for businesses that have had £100k Seed Investment funding.  A seed investor offers finance to help a business start up in exchange for an equity stake in the company.  If you had a spare £100k what would you invest it in?

Prop – Light bulb 

Not all seeds have the same light requirements. Most seeds germinate best under dark conditions and might even be inhibited by light.  All seedlings however, require sunlight. Without sufficient light a seedling becomes leggy and fragile.  When a seed has germinated how you ensure it gets the light it needs to grow and flourish?

Prop – a Strawberry Plant

Whenever you have looked at plump, ripe strawberry, you will probably have noticed the outside is covered in tiny pits, with each pit containing a teeny-tiny strawberry seed, right? wrong it’s a new fruit with a seed inside of it.  Isn’t nature wonderful?  What makes you gape in awe?

Prop – a Jar of Star Anise 

I mentioned last month that I found out I have an intolerance for many foods, aniseed is one of these – shame as I do like a Pernod.  However, I can eat star anise and it turns out that is the ingredient in Sambucca.  That’ll do for me.  What food issues do you have to look out for?


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