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Escaping the Storm

This is Peter John Cooper’s remarkable play about the life and times of Marie Stopes.  A highly opinionated, yet educated woman so demonly depicted by two actors, Jane McKell and Sorcha Martin.  The play is beautifully balanced with the wicked black humour and naive romance of myriad character performances from Eltjo deVries and Phoebe Sharman.  This is the AsOne theatre touring troupe 2018/19, here in our home towns of Weymouth & Portland.  Tonight we celebrate the end of the tour with our sponsors, advertisers and patrons and our sincere thanks.


The production is not without its critics of course.  The beauty of this play lies in the questions it raises and this is its legacy.  It makes us think about an era where discrimination was rife, right across the board and it begs us to consider how much has actually changed in the 21st Century.

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