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a Muster of Minis

It just so happened that I left Hythe a little bit earlier than planned this Sunday,  the sun was peeping out from behind a puff of wispy clouds.  I was looking forward to a pleasant drive home.

As I reached the Marchwood by pass I spotted a triage of minis.  I smiled.  Then another three, no four, no five!  Yay – the whole 10 miles between Marchwood and the A31 was a timeline treat of Mini Cooper history.


An educated guess struck me that they were all off to Beaulieu.

Fond memories followed me, for the next 12 miles, over the top of the New Forest of the late 80’s when I belonged to the MG Owners Club. For three years in a row, boyfriend and I participated in MG Owners Club rally at the annual Parham Park Steam Fair.


Fond memories of the passion for the cars, the camaraderie, the friendships.

Fond memories of the challenges, the problem solving, the good humoured envy.

Fond memories of the beer tents and the racket of the steam engines.

As I continued to muse, it struck me how important all those aspects are in our working environment.  This week, I had attended a full team meeting with Media Lounge.  This company already had a great culture when I first started working with them. It has grown phenomenally over the last two years. Yet it has managed to retain the passion for its business, its problem-solving capacity and its social celebrations of success.

Belonging to a group of like-minded people is important to our personal and business well-being.  Let’s vote for more Mini Musters inside and outside of work!


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