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Six Down; Six to Go – Speeches by Management #2

Speeches by Management (2011-05) #2 – Appraise with Praise (5:00-7:00 min)
Demonstrate importance of feedback techniques personally used in daily life; Use constructive evaluation to help someone improve their performance; Offer support to empower change.


Six months ago our club president, Bev Hepting, announced that she was going for Presidents Distinguished Club status in her presidential year.  We all went Rah!  So where are we now?  Laura McHarrie in her speech Six Down Six to Go explores Casterbridge’s current position and what needs to happen next. The first part of this speech explains the essence of feedback, the second gives an example of how feedback can create positive momentum. With her speech entitled Six Down; Six to Go please welcome Laura McHarrie

The thing about giving feedback is that it only works if it is heard.  You may recognise the phrase talk to the hand cos the face ain’t listening?  That really illustrates how important it is to give feedback when it is going to be heard and acted upon. That means we need to think about the timing, the ambience, the goals and challenges that surround the feedback.

Here’s a series of Top Tips to consider


  1. Share information, not advice …. when we share information they chose what to do next, when we give advice we assume authority
  2. Keep it brief … too many points may mean the key points are lost
  3. Accentuate the positive … and the potential to succeed.  If a person hears how poorly they are performing they may just give up (the caveat is not to ignore problem that needs addressing.
  4. Catch it in good time – both praise and constructive feedback is best given when the time is close enough to reflect
  5. Praise progress – even when a target is not achieved, careful refection on the progress made can be just as motivational.

Now we’ve looked at the five top tips, let’s get back to the purpose of this feedback. Remember the title is Six Down Six to Go! With six months of the Toastmaster year down, how far have we got on our road towards President’s Distinguished Club.  To achieve that status we need 9 out of a possible 10 points. So far we have one point!

dcp-1mmm! On paper it is not looking too good is it?  So far half a point! But let’s look a little closer.

dcp-3Andrew Knowles achieved Competent Communicator last month and Bev Hepting on Monday, two days ago in Salisbury

Steve Graham has achieved Advanced Communicator Silver tonight!  Hurrah!

Dave Smith is set to complete Advanced Leadership Bronze on the 19th December at Salisbury.  Ok starting to look a bit better.

Laura McHarrie has just two more speeches to get her Advanced Communicator Gold.  Good chance

Christine Wallach is about to complete her Competent Communicator award!

Plus,  Steve, Colin, Bev, Andrew and Laura are all in close call for another Leadership point.  So in reality we are quite likely to achieve “Select Distinguished Club”.  Nice!

To achieve Bev’s goal of President’s Distinguished Club, we need to support one more member to getting through their CC manual – is there anyone who wants to do that?  We have six months it can be done!

dcp-5As, or if not more, important is this big gap!

We need seven new members!  Eeek! This is a big challenge.  It is claimed that the easiest way to grow a club is for members to get members.  I am pretty sure most of us in the club have run out of friends – so what do we do next?  Do we fund an advertising campaign, do we post leaflets through peoples doors or do we occasionally plug the club on social media (a lazy option?) which isn’t working that well.

Talk Up Toastmasters is a two month period during February and March when the whole of the world wide organisation will be gunning for 5 new members and a Talk Up Toastmaster ribbon.  We can do this fellow club members.  We CAN get the six new members we need for those two points.  Let’s work together – we are such a supportive club.  Let’s get those projects 6 and 8 in the Competent Leadership manual.  Let’s build on our strengths and and let’s get Casterbridge Speakers thriving again.

If we work together each doing a small share of announcing the message we can support Luke McLachlan and Siobhan Davis in their roles of Public Relations and Membership respectively.  With 9 President’s Distinguished Club Points … we all win!

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