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Wrapping Up … A Toastmaster’s Area Director’s Diary

Wrap up, tie up any loose ends and reflect before gifting!  With little over a month to go before the end of the Toastmaster’s year, it is time to do just that.

Like everything we do at Toastmasters, the learning comes when we evaluate; what worked well, what didn’t and why? Then, how would we do it differently next time?

At the end of any project, it is worth reflecting and sharing the wisdom you now have.  It will help you deliver the next project you undertake better and sharing it might help someone else settle down into their new role just that little bit quicker.

  1. Create a plan to encourage you to complete the outstanding activities within the next month before handover.
  2. Gather the documents, links and passwords together.  Remember how frustrating that was?
  3. Plan a celebration with your club to acknowledge every step achieved in the club success plan route.
  4. Reflect on the things that didn’t go so well.  Why was that, what did you learn, what advice would you give others?

And share the things that you wished you knew then that you now know and share what seemed to go well.  Tiny Things Matter!  These are mine:

I wished I had studied the Club Leadership Handbook more closely in the beginning.

I set out the dates set for contest and club officer training well in advance. 

I should have set out the Etiquette Rules for Club Contests. 

I made Club Officer Training as interactive as possible.  Most people learn best by doing.

I should have got the clubs’ Distinguished Club Success Plans in writing sooner. It is good to know your people and what they want to achieve.

I will be more careful not to impose my own agenda on another TM or Club. They will have their own ideas!

I would suggest that clubs plan education speeches from the Successful Club Series throughout the year.  It’s amazing how much you forget.

I kept in touch via email, text or phone whatever was my perception of the recipients preference.

I would have benefited by going to all District Executive Committee Meetings – they are really good for networking with like-minded folk!

I learnt that you can only hold a proxy for a club you belong to.  You only need it signed by the president or the VPE. That was a waste of time – sorry!

I might have made getting to know Easy Speak via more of a priority.  It is so useful to understand where your fellow Toastmasters are on their journey.

Feel free to share what you have learnt this year, it will help you reflect and others to learn from you.  Cheers Area 42.  It’s been a great year! Not easy balancing it with work priorities; but rewarding nonetheless.

PS Last one!  McHarrie! Double check the times on your club officer training agenda! Ooops! Sorry! So unprofessional!

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