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So Wot -Speciality Speeches #3

Speciality Speeches #3 – Sell a Product (10:00-12:00 min)
Use the four steps in a sales presentation: attention, interest, desire, action; Identify and promote a unique selling proposition in a sales presentation.
Introduction: Laura McHarrie has been in the sales industry since she was 14 when she started selling sliced bread.  She went into retail management from college, climbed the corporate ladder, became Managing Director of a small ladies fashion chain.  This project has been a bit of a challenge but with perfect timing. She is at the end of another Business Advisory contract which means she needs to get out selling her consultancy service.

Many will have come across the SWOT analysis tool.  Its simplicity also has its downside.  It has been so overused that often people stop thinking beyond the strengths and weaknesses.  They quite often don’t explore the real opportunities and the real threats that are out there and therefore fail to consider the business strategies they need to put into place.

The purpose of the POWER SWOT template is to take you beyond the analysis stage to forming some strategic actions.

Check this out!

Now, have a go for yourself.
1. Brainstorm the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat with a group of internal and external supporters of your company
2. Place the PostIt notes into one of the four quadrants, eliminating any duplicate headings, reducing to the top 3or 4 priorities
3. Translate the Strengths and Opportunities into Assertive Strategies
4. Translate the Weaknesses and Opportunities into Reversal Strategies
5. Translate the Strengths and Threats into Proactive Strategies
6. Translate the Weaknesses and Threats into Survival Strategies

The Power SWOT.001

PS – If you need further help then give me a call on 07962 626604 to arrange a Skype session with me.  Creating business strategies is what I do for a living. Together we can turn your SWOT into a POWER SWOT.

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