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Lost for Words – Public Relations #3

I was planning to start my speech with an overused cliché .. Friends, Romans, Countrymen … lend me your ears – except I have nothing to say.  This for the Public Relations Officer of a Toastmaster’s International Club is … to say the least … a smidge of a problem.

However, knowing you, the supportive club collective, you will want to come to my rescue.

As the Public Relations Officer, I have two tasks, one is to guard the Toastmaster brand, the second is to publicise our club.  The role guide suggested I looked at what the club wanted to achieve this year.  The year ends 30th June 2014.  The club is going for 8 new members.

So it’s a numbers game? 

From experience; to get 8 new members we need to have 16 people come for a second time.  To get 16 people to attend a second time we need 24 guests to come for a first time.  To get 24 guests to come along we need 48 warm leads.  There or there abouts! 

48 warm leads – how do we do that then?  Traditional press publicity with get us 2 the internet will get another 7 and remaining 39 will come from networking!

Whatever method we chose to use we need lots and lots of stories to shout about. As Toastmasters we already know the importance of stories.  Stories are easy to remember and repeat.  Stories involve people, doing activities and hosting events.  Stories have the power to inspire and make us act. 

Activities – we have stacks going on in the meetings: every role holds a story, from the 15 second warm up (introducing club members) to each role explanation, to prepared speeches, evaluations and table topics.

People – each has his or her own reason for joining Casterbridge Speakers, each story will resonate with those who have the same aspirations.

If you write your speech or prepare table topics; how about you send me your script to publish on the Casterbridge Speakers website? Easy?

If we take a minute to make a note of our warm down before we present at the end of each meeting we can post these on the Casterbridge Speakers Facebook page for comment or debate. Easy?

If you tweet; you could congratulate the winner of the best speaker and table topics and evaluator awards each meeting.  Or claim someone was robbed!  Or tweet what role you are taking.  That’s easy? for most perhaps.

If you are up for it then let’s post examples of some of the activities that go on each meeting on the Casterbridge Speakers YouTube Channel – oh yes!  We have one.  Plus, that has the added bonus of being able to view your own performance through the eyes of your evaluator. Not comfortable perhaps but easy?

The social media experts in the room will concur that we need to make the Internet based posts as interactive as possible to drive traffic and I would encourage everyone who is active online to like, retweet and comment on posts.  More important is the library of stories that we all have access to that we can use in real life. 

Remember, we need to create curiosity to get 48 warm leads.  Remember, we need to stimulate interest to get 24 first time visitors.  Remember we need to get 16 visitors to attend a second time to get those 8 new members!  We need your help.


“He who whispers down a well about the things he has to sell, does not make as many dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.”

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