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The Power of Positive Thoughts

Do you have a problem with uttering positive affirmations?  I do.  It’s not that I disbelieve the power of positive thoughts – it’s just that I had yet to find any affirmations that didn’t make me cringe.

So after THE last Entrepreneur Hub meeting, when Harvey Taylor introduced the process of Havening, I promised to do some research to find some that I did feel comfortable saying out loud.


Havening suggests that you adopt some natural strokes that you might use to comfort yourself (like rubbing your brow) whilst you adopt some position affirmations. For Harvey’s on Havening please check out Harvey’s Blog Post

I have been searching!  It has taken me a long time to identify the type of affirmation that might work for me.  These 10 do. I found them within this Blog Post 

1. TRUST: I trust myself. I trust in my decisions. I trust in my direction in life. I trust in my heart. I trust in my work.

2. FAITH: I have faith in myself. I have faith in the universe. I have faith in doing the right thing. I have faith in my abilities.

3. STRENGTH: I feel my own strength. I have all the strength I need. I am strength.

4. COURAGE: I have courage. I move forward with courage. I feel courage in my heart.

5. CHOICE: I always have a choice. I have the power of choice. I exercise my choice.

6. WISDOM: I have inner wisdom. I trust my wisdom to guide me. I respect and heed my own wisdom.

7. TRUTH: I speak my truth. I live my truth. I honor my truth. I listen to my truth.

8. SUPPORT: I have support. I am blessed with lots of support. I am not alone;

9. ENERGY: I have energy flowing through me. I walk and talk with energy. I do my work with energy.

10. LOVE: I am love. I have love. I feel love. I believe in love. Love guides me. Love carries me through this life. Love is with me always.


The reason I feel comfortable with these is that they all refer to my personal and business values.  I believe them to be true.  If I try to recite things that I don’t believe –  even if I want to, I tend to spend too much time arguing with myself and then losing.

If you get what I mean by that, then you may find this blog post also interesting; Why Don’t my Positive Affirmations Work?

Let me know what you think?

PS – Have I ever mentioned how big a fan I am of Sticky Notes?

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