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My Boomerang’s Just Come Back

I can’t believe it is ten months since I posted my last blog on this site.  To be fair I have been messing about with the BusinessXchange website copy since January which has worn me out, creatively.  However, my good friend, Linda Parkinson-Hardman, has been nagging me to revisit my writing with a vengeance.  Read that how you like!  So here I am recalling my reasons for writing.

Trouble is … I’m a woman of a certain age and remembering anything is a case of capturing it on paper.  That is if I can remember it before it has skipped off on a boomerang only returning if it hasn’t hit something else in the meantime.  Even then it could be some time in its reemergence.  So any blog post is likely to go off on a tangent or simply finish in mid …

Ah yes … where was I?


Linda and I were at the ‘Mind Your Head’ Phoenix Legacy Conference at Kingston Maurward College on Sunday.  One of the speakers was the eight world memory champion Dominic O’Brien, another Tony Bezan of Mind Map fame and a third was Lorenzo Garcia, on the subject of how Chess resolves Stress.  Actually it wasn’t entirely about that but it does help … apparently.  I really liked what he had to say and will have a look at taking up chess on line.  I’d be too embarrassed trying to play it in public given I can’t remember the names of the pieces let alone what the moves might be.  Apparently Chess and Bridge are the best mind gym with dancing closely following.  Now dancing I can do – so long as it doesn’t involved too much spatial intelligence!  I am a women after all.

A fourth stand in speaker, Wayne Bennett of Dillington House also offered this gentle reminder about keeping your mind active in relation to to the happiness factor.  There are five essential things to work on:

1.  Cultivate your connections

2.  Be physically active

3.  Take notice or be curious about everything

4.  Keep Learning

5.  Give or do something nice for someone on a daily basis.

I am still curious to a fault!  Some people might say it is being nosey!  Yet I have stopped recording my musings, and I know how important it is to stop, look and listen.  Now Linda’s nag has added credence so I have pledged to start writing again.  Watch this space.

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