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Ziggy Stardust – The Writer’s Way

Ziggy was the faithful servant of Pasch, an Egyptian Cat goddess and protector of children and all cats of course. Most often, Ziggy could be found curled up beneath the rich tapestry chair of Pasch, her beloved goddess, in the great hall.

Ziggy was a beautiful cat in her own right. She had vibrant tortoise-shell markings that were not dissimilar to the male tabby. She had a big belly. It wobbled when she walked, but her perfect face and peaceful nature made her a must stop and pet for all Egyptian children on their way home from their schooling.

As it was, in Egypt, Ziggy often accompanied Pasch on royal hunting trips. Here, she would retrieve fish and fowl from the marshes and ward off snakes and rodents. One such late summer hunt, the Royals had flushed out some significant game. Ziggy was returning triumphant having picked up a large perch.

Her bright eyes spotted an asp within immediate striking distance of the youngest prince. Dropping the fish in a flash, Ziggy leapt between the asp as it lunged at the child. In that instant and courageous moment she bit off the asp’s head! But not before, its venom was expelled. It coursed through her small frame swiftly.

The hunting party scooped up the small prince and watched in horror as Ziggy gasped her last tormented breaths.

Later that night, the Royals shaved off their eyebrows in recognition of Ziggy’s sacrifice and their deepest grief. Ziggy’s beloved goddess, Pasch, took the shavings in her paw; and blew gently. Each shaving twinkled, as it touched the night’s sky and the infant stars replicated Ziggy’s form. They have sparkled ever since; watching intently over tiny children and other cherished cats.


In this exercise from The Writer’s Way, Sara Maitland asks us to look up at the night sky for two minutes. Check out a star formation and write a legend for that cluster.

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