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A Fickle Femme – The Writer’s Way

She adds after a fractional hesitation.  “You?”

“Bloody, John the store man messed up again today; he gave us three windows up at Portland where none of the glass fitted.  Trouble is; we had taken out the old windows before we noticed.  Turns out that the glass he gave us was for a job tomorrow.”

Uh uh she nods, slightly irritated.  She pulls off her glasses, huffs on the lenses and rubs them a little harder than is really necessary.

“So we had to go back to the depot and pick up the right glass, which meant we were late finishing this job – did you see Pete the electrician when you came in?  He promised to drop some wiring off.  Did you know that Brian is moving out this weekend?  He is going to live in those new flats near Somerfield”

Uh uh, she murmurs, nodding.  She put her glasses back on her nose.  “That’s better!”  She thinks.

“So what was wrong with your day then?  He continues without a pause for breath.  Did you know that bloody John denied giving us the wrong windows?  He said that we picked up the wrong job.  They are so disorganised in that warehouse, as I have said to you before; they don’t process anything in order.  And they have far too much stuff in hand.  Saw John M today driving passed in his 58 BMW.”

Uh uh, she frowns. “oh no not that story, again, please ……..” she muses and stares at her finger nails.  “Shit – that’s the third one I have broken this week”

At that moment Pete, the electrician turns up and her husband’s attention is diverted and the boys launch themselves with gusto at the new arrival.  Pete pays due attention to the Labradors, then orders his own, one for her husband and asks what she would like.

“Small red for me” she thanks.  “I’m heading off in a mo to get some kidney beans for the chilli tonight.  I always manage to forget something when I am shopping!!”  Her face creases wryly.

With some relief, her husband attention is now diverted and she is able to continue mentally processing her day.  It is eight years since she has been out of the retail trade but you can’t shake a habit that easily.  In the retail trade, management is so full on that the only processing time you had was the drive home. 

“hiya!  Long time no see!”

“Amanda” she squeals “How lovely to see you!  How are you doing?” She jumps off her bar seat and flings both arms around her friends shoulders.  “Chelsey, told me you were in hospital again a couple of weeks ago.  She didn’t seem to know why you were in this time, what is she like that daughter of yours?  Not more problems with the kidney transplant?”

“No” Amanda replies, “The kidney is fine – it is the problem with the nick they made in gland which keeps filling up with gung.” 

“What! Not again?”.  She sympathises

Her husband offers Amanda his bar stool, orders her a white wine and continues his conversation with Pete the electrician. Amanda took two attempts at hoisting herself up, but once settled the two girls continued their conversation as if uninterrupted.  All thought of processing the day’s events, the red kidney beans and supper, abandoned in favour of the animated catch up.


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