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LinkedIn Made Easy by Linda Parkinson-Hardman

LinkedIn Made Easy by Linda Parkinson-Hardman

LinkedIn Made Easy by Linda Parkinson-Hardman

This is a slightly unusual blog post for me.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have been an avid fan of LinkedIn since early 2007.  I have over 500 connections that are real people with whom I have had some kind of business relationship.  As a business adviser I have been promoting the networking benefits of LinkedIn for a very long time, even before the LinkedIn tipping point took place.

Now, a good friend of mine has recorded all you need to know in an eBook called LinkedIn Made Easy.  Linda Parkinson-Hardman is selling this book online for the next 30 days as an experiment to test the power of social networking.  In return she is giving away 50% of the profits to charity and giving 50% to her own social enterprise which supports women going through a hysterectomy.

I have downloaded this book, and read it with avid interest.  I have already said, I have been a LinkedIn fan for a long time, I have even participated in Linda’s online social networking course yet, even I have, learnt something I didn’t already know.

The best bit about Linda’s book is that you can refer to it constantly.  The thing is it takes time to build your profile and even more time to develop your personal brand.  This book is one that you can pick up, and work through her suggestions in your own time.

So if you are one of those who have yet to tap into the power of the connections you have on LinkedIn, please download this book.  It is only £4.99 and your return on investment (assuming you act on her advice) will be almost immediate.




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