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Chicken Soup for the Soul – Jack Cranfield

A move away from the content of the last few Blogs on to a more light hearted, nay flippant, look at Chicken Soup.  There are umpteen books under the auspices of Chicken Soup for the Soul of which I have but one – Chicken Soup for the Soul in Business.

The underlying concept of these best sellers is that there are some great stories that give comfort that things will be all right in the end. Each book is a collection of stories that overcomes adversity or tragedy and gives one a feeling of contentment.  Just as chicken soup does in real life!

Of course, you may be just a little sceptical about the powers of Chicken Soup and perhaps justifiably; if it is laced with too much sugar.  The overwhelming chicken soup sentiment can turn if it is not careful into what is now known as Glurge.

My preference is for Heinz Tomato Soup.  I vote that you can do no better and I strongly recommend it to all men!


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