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Category: Research, Analysis and Evaluation

Fly in the Face of …

An idiom – to be the opposite of what is usual or accepted His decision to start his own business certainly flies in the face of good judgment.   What’s […]

Validating the Vision

The eureka moment for any small business is not that you have found a gap in the market but that you have found a market in the gap. This blog […]

Focus V Balance?

Juggling what needs to be done and what should be done and what is fun to do can be tricky.  The fun stuff can start to impinge on the stuff […]

Plate Spinning

When you listen to this track Spinning Around by Jump5 you’re going to wonder what planet I’ve been on for the last month – not posting an’ all.  However, if […]

Aristotle on Business Values

In my last blog – The Community Footprint – we looked at values as a pivotal to the ethics of your business.  The WessexFM story proves that business comes from […]

Dare to be Different

Of all the marketing strategies diversification is the most risky.  The other options for growing your business; infiltrating your current market, producing a new product or service for your current […]

The F1 Formula

Performance at the edge … What can we learn from F1? The Pit Stop Identify the critical processes in your business:  which parts of your business give you a competitive […]

What Makes You Stand Out?

The final killer question in my last Blog post was … what one key performance indicator measures your dramatic business differentiator.  Easy for me to ask! However, we all know […]

Fat Cats

It’s a long time ago – 14 years now.  I was Managing Director of Excel Clothing, struggling to pay off its outgoing directors dividends and its Chartered Accountant owner and […]

New Beginnings

I read an article on keeping new year’s resolutions (as you do at this time of year) and was immediately taken with one of the suggestions.  It was to share […]

Let me tell you a story

Over the last couple of weeks the benefit of telling stories (not untruths of course) has come up in various different guises.  The great thing about telling a story is […]

If you don’t ask …

If you don’t ask …You don’t get; won’t get but more importantly in business if your business connections don’t know what you want, you can’t possibly get. Rudyard Kipling oft […]

Back of an Envelope

It’s another of those quirky idioms.  It refers to a quick and dirty calculation jotted on a scrap of paper.  However quick and dirty, the impact is only achieved if […]

Prospecting for Gold

If gold could be found lying on the surface, everyone would pick it up. The fact is that you need to dig for it, sometimes deeper than you may want […]