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The Acid Test

Acid_TestAnd now for something seriously different!  The acid test is an accepted process of finding out whether something is genuine or not.  Gold is one of the few precious metals not affected by the majority of acids.  It can be tested and hence its financial standing over the test of time.  Gold is the only currency that is on the up as far as I can make out. 

Now, I am no expert in socio economics but it looks to me like middle class greed has made us so soft in the head that we have been living on the never, never, ever.  Our governments for their entire economic prowess have borrowed so much that we are on the brink of bankruptcy.  What of the acid test ratio then?  http://   How good is the GB PLC liquidity ratio?  If we had to liquidate GB’s assets would we actually cover the debt?

And then how many of us will:

  • Suffer the indignities of queuing at the job centre, losing our homes, folding our businesses?
  • Band together to form a revolution that will bring down the bourgeoisie banks that the government is so desperate to save? 
  • Take stock of the market, recognise where there is muck there is brass and develop a lumpenproletariat approach to personal survival?

I am not suggesting the small manufacturer, the shopkeeper or the artisan will turn into lumpenproletarian traders;   They are, rather, part of the aspirational middle classes and are only likely to pay lip service to any fight against the Bourgeoisie.  Instead they will be surreptitiously sucking up to those remaining for their own conservative survival. They will react, they will reduce and they will regroup. 

And thank God!  These SMEs will use their ingenuity and imagination to find an innovative new niche to exploit.  If they can’t do it alone they will network with others to find the right partners.  They will create a single entity that will exploit the opportunity.  I am seeing it already.

The acid test of UK PLC now probably lies with these Gold prospectors.  These are the SMEs that have a tight neat business model and a tight knit network of contacts.  Whilst they are unlikely to become the new Bourgeoisie they are less likely to be the unemployed proletariat.

Had to finish with this, of course, and sorry!


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