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Category: Effective Management Training

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Do you have a problem with uttering positive affirmations?  I do.  It’s not that I disbelieve the power of positive thoughts – it’s just that I had yet to find […]

A Mob of Kangaroos

I love some of the descriptive nouns we,humans, allocate to a collective or should that be a cluster? Last week, was the final of three,in a land down under, where I […]

The Boss from Hell

There is no right or wrong to your perception of work life balance.  What is right for you, may not be right for others but it should be how you would like it […]

Silence is Deafening

I often get accused of being silent.  In another dimension, my New Look team accused me of being manipulative with my silence – especially when they came to me with […]

New Beginnings

I read an article on keeping new year’s resolutions (as you do at this time of year) and was immediately taken with one of the suggestions.  It was to share […]

Write your Epitaph

This You Tube link is quite a long one so I have placed it at the front of this Blog.  It’s the sort of music that you will be able […]

The Road to Gelidonya

Yassassin is Turkish for ‘have a long life’ this Bowie tune works really well with the following story. There is a lighthouse at Gelidonya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey […]

The Potential for Network Marketing

There are some very successful and established businesses that use the network marketing model to distribute their products.  Kleeneze for example was established in the UK in 1937 and remains […]

High on e-motion

I have recently been to Chill Factore in Manchester for a couple of days of pathetically inadequate snowboarding.  I was rubbish yet loved it!  Snowboarding requires a certain amount of drive. […]

The House that Jack Built

I have been working with Vanda North on her Mind Chi project – you will hear a lot more about this next year as there is significant media interest in […]

Little White Lies

I can’t make my mind up about little white lies.  So I thought I’d open it up for public debate!  You see, I think that deceit has a strong tendency to […]

Four Hugs a Day – leadership

You need four hugs a day just to start feeling good! Indeed the moment you feel an all embracing hug you can’t help but smile – you really can’t. It’s […]

Love Letters

I have been thinking about love letters this week; a lot, and wondering if they are a dying art.  I wrote and received love letters when I was a teenager […]

The Games We Play

It is often said that body language plays a huge part in conveying the feeling behind what we are communicating.  This is followed, not closely but, by tone of voice.  […]

Trust? – A question of leadership

It’s a small word with huge consequences. It is incorporated commonly in the networking phase that people do business with those they know, like and trust.  Yet, I have been […]

The Point of NO Return

If only I could learn to say the word no  ….  I mean; how hard can it be? no, no, nO, No, no, no, nO, no, no, no, no, no, no, […]

Going nowhere slowly “There is nothing wrong with going nowhere babe, but we should be going nowhere fast!” Love this line.  This is partly because I have no vision.  I really don’t […]


I was given some great feedback from a friend last week which was absolutely warranted and correct.  I hated it.  It was not what I wanted at the time – […]

Personal Values

At some point you can’t write off bad behaviour as ‘just’ personality differences.  It’s about different underpinning values and beliefs. Personal values influence all parts of your business from paying […]