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Wonder! Ch#15: (Just one thing)

We loved the wonders

Of nature, when we were young.

Revive that magic,

As we seek ways to conserve

Our beautiful Blue Planet.



Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels

Chapter 15 – Summary from the Wisdom of Sir David Attenborough

The Post has been inspired by If I Could Tell You Just One Thing by Richard Reed.


Over the 62 days, in Dec and Jan, my challenge is to share the learning from each of the 62 chapters; hopefully in a poem, but who knows?  Follow my progress with the #JustOneThing Tag

Happy to explore what you make of the post in the comments below? 🙂


  1. It is a pleasure to know you find inspiration in nature and people, Laura! Being a poet myself, I know – this craft is far from simple. You certainly have a gift!😉

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  2. Such a nice thing to hear Veronica – thank you. Looking forward to some time at the weekend to explore your site too. 😊


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