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On Training – Ch#31 (Just one thing)

Give all of yourself, then go on a bit more,

If you get a knock-back, take it, on the chin,

Shrug it off, don’t try, to even up the score,

It’s not the most macho, who go onto win,

It’s those who rally against, adversity,

They’re positive, and welcome diversity,

They use all their training, to overcome strife,

And choose to enjoy, every challenge in life.



Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Chapter 31 – Summary from the Wisdom of Bear Grylls

The Post has been inspired by If I Could Tell You Just One Thing by Richard Reed.


Over the 62 days, in Dec and Jan, my challenge is to share the learning from each of the 62 chapters; hopefully in a poem, but who knows?  Follow my progress with the #JustOneThing Tag

Happy to explore what you make of the post in the comments below? 🙂


Delighted to link this post to MMA Storytime’s Rispetto Poetry Prompt Challenge #9 Training


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