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Stoopid is as Stoopid does! (Words of the day)

Happy to honeyfuggle unabashed, George swept his mum into his arms, and smacked a sloppy kiss on her cheek. He whispered in her ear when he waltzed in, just before supper. “How are you doing, my gorgeous girl; Mummy dear?”

She giggled … as she always does, when her favourite came home …

At the same time, he was eyeing up his Mother’s handbag, where he knew there would be an envelope. The lodger paid his rent without fail on the first day of every month.

“Stoopid! He mused. “whoever pays in wads of cash nowadays?” “Well I guess I do” … He added, as he swiped half of it, grinning ironically.

He only needed a few more quid for the latest i-Phone, which he decided he would snaffle from his sister. She was as bad as his Mother with her money.

The dealer had insisted on cash and to be honest it was a snip, especially as he, the dealer, had lampooned ‘assuringly’ that the mobile wasn’t stolen … it had just fallen off the back of a lorry.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on

Post inspired by: Words of the day from:

Di’s Three Thing Challenge (Cash, Envelope, Mobile)

Melanie’s Grandiloquent (Honeyfuggle)

Fandango’s (Lampoon)Lampoon

Apologies fellow bloggers, I’d add your images but typing left-handed today is a bit if a disability! 😂


  1. Thanks Melanie … It’s a great word. Came up with the story in the recovery ward in Dorchester hospital My right hand is still dead as a door nail from the anaesthetic …


  2. Awe thanks! I’m not doing so well today. No inspiration for any prompts. Nada! I have had my curling fingers straightened. Not life threatening but I’m definitely feeling sorry for myself today. 🤪


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