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Tag: Tanka

On Health …

Look after yourself, Your body, mind and spirit, All need fine feeding. Take not good health for granted; Invest well in this asset. (Tanka)

On Failing …

When things don’t work out As we had wished or had planned, Despite true effort; Maybe, our hopes proved too high, The goal – twas not meant to be. (Tanka)

On Careering …

Let life slow unfurl; Calm down – rush not into things. Wait a tad to see What’s beyond the next corner – Ere career at fuel-stoked speed. (Tanka)

Purple … (Tanka Tuesday)

Purple, so regal, Values different viewpoints, Calm yet authentic. The power of wisdom where Knowledge and empathy meld (Tanka) Poem prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #255. This week, it’s […]

SAD … (Tanka Tuesday)

Right now Tis the SAD time Of the evolving year; Colourful leaves descend below – Nestling … Belying internal black storms – That monger mental health; Such dark days cause […]

Kindness? (Tanka Tuesday + Blogtober #29)

Much empathy from A good and generous heart, Will give kids Candy On a wet and windy night, Knowing they salute Samhain. (Tanka) Poem prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge. […]

Twilight Hue (Tanka Tuesday + Blogtober #16)

Glorious gloaming, Masks the darker undertone, In the midst of night, Meantime autumnal colours, Blaze bright belying what’s next. (Tanka) Poem prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge. This week we’re […]

Make Shift – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #353)

At some point branch out – Move beyond what’s expected, Making swift such change (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #353 – Branch & Swift ). Click through for […]

Bless You! – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #352)

Spring nudges nature. Bees tickle pink blossoms that … Sneeze ‘golden’ pollen! Add ants, ticks, fruit flies and fleas; All pesky prices to pay. (Tanka) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku […]

Reflections – (Tanka)

Look in the mirror, Who do you see looking back? Is it a fraught face, Or one that is at peace with The scars and marks of its age? (Tanka) […]

The Full Stop – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

There will always be –  Wherever you go, sweet child, Full stops in the way. When you’re afraid, action helps … You grow up so much stronger. (Tanka) Haiku inspired […]

The Scars – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

It takes time to heal, There is no gain without pain – Recall the first time! Massage the swelling and scars, Day by day they’ll fade away. (Tanka) Tanka inspired […]

Win – Ch#59 (Just one thing)

You just have to win. Do not be sorry – don’t lose! You have to play hard, Practice, practice, practice more … It’s all on the final score. (Tanka) Photo […]

Fight – Ch#38 (Just one thing)

Let’s fight for freedom, Regardless of its huge cost, For everyone’s right … To choose how to live their life, In peace, and with acceptance. (Tanka)  Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji from Pexels […]

Practice – Ch#22: (Just one thing)

Nurture your talent, Analyze every detail – Minutiae even, Then, practice, practice, practice, And practice – just a bit more. (Tanka) Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels Chapter 22 – Summary from the […]

Wonder! Ch#15: (Just one thing)

We loved the wonders Of nature, when we were young. Revive that magic, As we seek ways to conserve Our beautiful Blue Planet. (Tanka) Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels Chapter 15 – […]