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My Golden Nectar (Discover Prompts #24 – ELIXIR)

I am taking some poetic license on elixir, in that it is a pill or potion that is taken by mouth.  

My elixir was developed not quite a hundred years ago by Banting & Macleod, Best & Collip.  Between them, they found a way to allow Type 1 diabetics to live a relatively normal life with regular injections of beef insulin.  This has to be injected because insulin is digestible. It would be obliterated in the stomach, long before it reached the bloodstream where it is needed.

Having been diagnosed as long ago as 1981, I have lived almost 40 years with the disease. A hundred years ago, I’d have been unlucky enough to have survived a year or two.  Untreated, the disease will have shut down many of my essential organs bit by bit, and death would have come painfully slow.  The alternative was to pretty much starve, an alternative slow death, with a calorie intake diet of less than 500. 

When I was first diagnosed, insulin was injected with a glass syringe, with an inch long needle.  The only way to test the blood sugar levels was with a test-tube and a tablet that changed colour from blue to orange in relation to the amount of sugar present in your wee. 


Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Gosh, I can barely believe that nowadays, I can scan a gadget, the size of a fifty pence piece, that impregnates the skin and gives me a digital reading of my current blood sugar levels.  It will tell me if the levels are steady, rising, or falling and it will calculate how much insulin I need to inject, to maintain a healthy level.   

Of course, balancing the right amount of this elixir with the carbohydrate intake, the calories expended and the ambiance of the day takes some doing.  It’s not a miracle cure but … it sure beats dying any day!

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