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Aholic (Discover Prompts #23 – NOTE)

-aholic – denoting a person addicted to something.

I am a self-confessed, note-aholic, and what’s more a list-aholic too.  Shoot!  that’s two serious confessions in one Blog post.

I write notes consistently. I do mean all the time.  I’m not sure if this is an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it certainly helps with my recall, My memory is not that good, I am not entirely sure that it is the same reason that I write lists.  But I do.
I write big lists, like The Bucket List. This has some significant places to go or things that need to be experienced like; Oktober Fest in Bavaria or the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.  (tick in both those boxes). 
Then, I write everyday lists. These comprise of all the things I know that I need to do today.  There are some key things that you would think I would have sorted out already.  For example, my will?  The life assurance policy that benefits my first husband,  (We divorced in 1995).  Shoot!  The exorbitant Sky Direct Debit, that is in my second ex-husband’s name and is costing me a fortune.  
And none of these things are remotely relevant to my normal business-related things-to-do list …
Hey! Let’s go back to the much more interesting notes on the Bucket List – namely St Petersburg, Dublin, and Prague.  Watch out world, we just need to get out of Lockdown!


  1. oh yes! Japan and its people were wonderful. We loved the three weeks we spent touring in a tiny campervan.


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