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Proof of the Pudding (Discover Prompts #5 DISH)

… is in the eating – a idioum that suggest that the only way to decide the taste of something is by eating it. 

Or from a business perspective any generic statement of ability needs to provide evidence to support its assertion.  

  • If we assert that your business is successful – how do we prove it?
  • If we assert that our clients love us – how do we prove it?
  • If we assert that we have growth potential – how do we prove it?

And if you don’t believe me, then check out Doug Hall’s chapters on the real reason to believe in his book Jump Start your Business Brain. People buy according to their emotional response to our offer, then justify with facts. Statistical evidence is always the most powerful and therefore should always be used to support our claims.  Otherwise case studies and testimonials can prove our worth.  Or perhaps our experience and qualifications will add credibility? We may be a published author or have trademarks or patents?

Let’s not light under a bushel, whatever proves our points … publish it! It’s important to dish our as much proof as we can.

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