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By The Grace of … the NHS

I have been diagnosed as a type one diabetic since I was 18, that is not quite, but almost 40 years ago. The NHS staff has not only saved my life but year on year has extended it. The average age of death for a female diabetic is 68, That gives me less than 10 years. Shoot that is not that long!


In the last 2 months, Boyfriend has had to call out the paramedics in the early hours of the morning, to sort out a night-time unconscious hypo-glycemic attack. That means that my blood sugar levels had gone too low, far too low.

This has involved the paramedics spending one and a half hours in my bedroom, injecting me with a glucose solution, then and checking with successive finger pricks to ensure the blood sugars have increased and are now at a sustainable level.

I don’t want to go into any great detail about the embarrassing situation that the paramedics find me in – I am, after all, in bed! Moreover, there are bodily fluids that escape you when you are unconscious. It’s not an attractive look and somewhat shameful to share. But it is the truth.

I feel terribly guilty as diabetics can and should manage their condition so that in manic situations (like we have at the moment with CoronaVirus), we should not add extra demand unnecessarily.

However … I bless them all, as I am still alive because of the due diligence of our amazing national heath and paramedic services.

I applaud! Thank you!


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